Are you a yoga instructor, wellness guide, green living guru or health and happiness expert? Are you a strong writer who would be willing to share your expertise with a growing, interactive community?

If so, we would love for you to submit to Mind Fuel Daily. We are a growing editorial team, and we are always on the lookout for authors with a deep passion for doing what they love and sharing their unique wisdom with others.

Take a look around the site to get a feel for our general tone and common themes. If you think your style fits with ours- send us your work! We consider all entries, and if selected, your post will appear on the website next to other great contributors in the fields of yoga, spirituality, nutrition, natural wellness, life inspiration, and more.


Here are some general guidelines:

  • Your article should be between 250-750 words.
  • Your article should fit within our general site topics.
  • Tone: upbeat, thoughtful, inspirational, informative and positive!
  • Topics: inspirational, mindfulness, spiritual, fitness, wellness, positivity, philosophy, culture, arts and more
  • We can provide accompanying images for all articles.
  • Your writing should read professionally. We may edit for grammar.
  • Your content must be original, and cannot appear elsewhere online.
  • Please include a short bio (2-3 lines) so we can tell people about you!
  • Although we cannot publish all entries, we will reply to each one.

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