Any practice can be challenging at times, especially when it’s something we really enjoy doing. And when it comes to meditation, the challenge is especially frustrating – after all, isn’t meditation supposed to bring us happiness and peace?

We are not alone in the quest to make our efforts meaningful. In fact, the Dalai Lama has addressed this topic many times in his teachings – he says:

“Mindfulness is the key to meditation, as well as continuous effort. Do not expect results right away. Just keep practicing.”

So when in doubt, keep practicing… you can also check out this simple Zen tale below to see that our concerns of today are not so very different from those of students in the deep past…

A student traveled across the lake to visit the old Zen teacher.

“My meditation is awful!” the student said. “My thoughts wander, my legs ache, and I’m always falling asleep.”

“It will pass,” said the teacher, nodding slowly.

A week later the student traveled across the lake again.

“My meditation is wonderful!” the student said. “My thoughts are free, my body feels great, and I am awakened to life!”

“It will pass,” said the teacher, nodding slowly.