Zen Sayings for Modern Life

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Zen wisdom exists beyond mountaintops and temple retreats.Here are 6 sayings to gently shift the balance of your mind in everyday life.

The quieter youbecome, the more you hear.
You can build hours of Zen peace in your day by gently removingor limiting external distractions (texts, emails, etc.).

Be master of mindrather than mastered by mind.
Your life is yours to lead. Set goals and move with focusand patience; if you wait for the perfect moment to do something, that momentmay never come.

Although gold dust isprecious, when it gets in your eyes it obstructs your vision.
Without balance in other parts of our lives (relationships,personal time, health), external or professional goals may blind us to thethings that really matter.

The only Zen you canfind on the tops of mountains is the Zen you bring up there.
Nothing you lack at this moment will make you happier ormore successful. Develop your mind, nurture your physical self, and make timefor personal reflection (instead of seeking enlightenment in far-off places).

When you get to thetop of the tree, climb higher.
Our daily deadlines, once completed, can lead to anxietyabout what comes next. However if we adopt Zen attitude, we will always beseeking the next task, never focusing too much on what has happened behind us,good or bad.

To know and not to dois not yet to know.
How easy it is, to speak about life and wisdom withoutactually experiencing it. Sayings and quotes are great for gaining newperspective, but ultimately we have to put the book down, get outdoors and livelife.

Zen wisdom relies heavily on minimalism, and eliminating theunnecessary. These simple messages (which almost sound like small poems) showus that in all aspects of life, a single useful thought can be more helpfulthan an entire book of wisdom (an overload of information!)


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