The right words can express profound feelings of compassion, kindness, and love – especially when we direct them at ourselves. Take a moment on your journey to write a note reminding yourself just how much care and love you, too, are worth.

1. The letter does not have to be long – a few sentences will do.

2. Write as if you were addressing an old friend – speak in the third-person.

3. Begin with a strong statement of support – i.e. “You make me feel confident.”

4. Avoid phrases that feel forced – keep your tone authentic and grounded.

5. Describe admirable personal qualities – i.e. “You go out of your way to help.”

6. Describe character traits unique to you – i.e. “Your laughter brings happiness.”

7. List sincere hopes for the future – i.e. “I wish you courage in all adventures.”

8. Speak briefly about the place and time you are living in, marking this step in life.

9. Close with a note of gratitude – “I am sincerely thankful for everything you are.”

10. Sign, seal, and place it away somewhere. Read it again in 1, 5, 10, or 25 years.