Wisdom from Wayne Dyer 1940 – 2015

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Spiritual teacher and author Wayne Dyer’s recent passing has received minimal attention in the mainstream news, despite his authoring dozens of powerful books and making 37 Tonight Show appearances. Here are some of Dr. Dyer’s most powerful teachings:

You Can Transcend Your Erroneous Zones

Wayne Dyer taught that any thought pattern or “meme” we have that keeps us from happiness, success and fulfillment can be transcended. These patterns are often formed as a result of past experiences; however, they can be healed through self-awareness, affirmations and intention.

Forgive Relentlessly

Wayne Dyer attributes the act of forgiving his father – an abusive man who had abandoned the family – with being able to become a successful writer and teacher. Forgiveness is at least as healing to ourselves as it is to others; it frees stuck energy so that we can use it in our lives in positive ways.

The Power of “I Am”

While “I Am” refers to God or Divinity in many spiritual traditions, we should also be mindful of how we use these words in reference to ourselves. Strive to always use positive terms after the phrase “I Am,” as it invokes the powerful energy of Source.

The Power of Charity and Generosity

Wayne Dyer gave of himself in many ways, from volunteering his time on an annual PBS fundraising special to giving away money to homeless people. The more we give, the more we receive.


The message of Wayne Dyer could be distilled down to one word: Love. Wayne Dyer radiated love through his teachings and day-to-day life, inspiring us to do the same. He also mentored many other teachers who emphasizes the importance of self-love.

Wayne Dyer will be greatly missed by students and fans, but his teachings will live on in print, audio and video. You can honor the life and memory of Wayne Dyer by applying his teachings to your own life.

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