The squirrel is a simple creature that’s often taken for granted. We see them in our yards and in parks, effortlessly scaling trees and dutifully collecting nuts for the winter. However, this nimble, adorable animal also has many admirable traits. Here are five things we can learn from the squirrel:

1. Take advantage of opportunities that present themselves.

The squirrel may seem like an opportunist at times, burrowing in gardens or robbing seeds from bird feeders; however, the squirrel is simply a master at finding valid opportunities and taking full advantage of them. Take a page from the squirrel and be ready for ideal opportunities in your own life.

2. Be agile and quick on your feet.

Few woodland creatures are as agile and adaptable as the squirrel. From the graceful way their tails lilt behind them to how quickly they can scale a tree, the squirrel is fast on its feet in a natural, appealing way. How might you more gracefully navigate the twists and turns of life?

3. Trust the flow of nature.

Squirrel doesn’t plan out every moment of its day; instead, it is a master of living with the natural rhythms of nature. How might you cultivate more trust in the flow of life?

4. Live in the moment, but save for the future.

As adept as squirrel can be at embracing every moment, it also has one eye turned toward the upcoming winter, diligently foraging for food to store away. Remember to balance your enjoyment of the fruits of today with building security for tomorrow.

5. Have fun and share your joy with the world.

It’s hard not to smile when a squirrel is spotted exploring nearby in the grass. Take inspiration from the squirrel and live your life joyfully, sharing a spirit of fun with the world.