The seahorse is one of the ocean’s most intriguing, delightful creatures. With their coiling tails and equine features, they decorate and adorn the sea as few animals do. They also have some very unique and fascinating qualities. Here are five things we can learn from the seahorse:

1. Be Tough but Flexible

While not aggressive, the seahorse has few predators due to its spiny, bony and tough exterior. They are also able to change colors to blend with a variety of environments. Put on your armor and be tough when necessary, but strive to also flow and harmonize with your surroundings.

2. Be Loyal and True

Seahorses mate for life and are monogamous. Find your ideal partner and make a commitment to creating a wonderful life together.

3. Raise Children as a Team

While the female creates the eggs, the male seahorse actually carries them to full term. Take a page from seahorse couples and make parenting a team activity.

4. Keep Romance Alive

Seahorses are known for doing a long, elaborate courtship dance (as long as 8 hours) in which they frolic and change colors. They also love to swim as a couple with their tails linked. What can you do to keep the magic and romance alive in your own relationship?

5. Be Open to Positive Experiences

The Ancient Romans and Greeks connected the seahorse to Poseidon, a powerful god of the seas. Many cultures link the seahorse with good fortune. If seahorse starts showing up on your path, take it as a reminder to be strong, flow with the current and approach life as a grand adventure.

The seahorse is delightful to see, but it also has many unique qualities and characteristics. Learn, grow and live your best life by drawing wisdom and inspiration from this magical creature.