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The robin brings a cheerful, uplifting energy with it wherever it goes. They are also a harbinger of the spring season, with the male robin displaying his distinctive bright orange chest feathers proudly. Here are some of the top gems of wisdom we can learn from the robin:

Be observant. 

When a robin spies a worm moving even just slightly in the ground, it acts quickly and very often catches dinner. Sight and vision are the main ways the robin finds their sustenance. How are your observational skills? Take the time to hone them as sharply as possible, and it can pay off big dividends.

Put partnership and family first. 

Male and female robin pairs make parenting a team activity; both partners share in parenting duties, tending to the tiny pale blue eggs until they hatch. Let your partner know you’re on the same team by supporting one another and your family with love and devotion.

Stand your ground. 

Robins are known for staking a claim to their chosen territory, and they will fight for what’s rightfully theirs if provoked. What do you stand for? Stake your claim and know what’s worth fighting for.

Be sociable. 

While robins can definitely protect themselves, they’re also not too standoffish or skittish, even around people. Be open to making new acquaintances and connections wherever you go, and try to exude a pleasant, friendly vibe.

Share your talents. 

Robins have beautiful singing voices, and they share them freely with the world. What innate gifts and talents do you have to share? Connect with your true voice and express yourself from the heart in your own unique way.

Robins are a welcome sign of spring, and they teach us to be expressive, stand our ground, and be loyal and friendly. Let the wisdom of the robin inspire you this spring — and all year round.

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