Penguins are delightful creatures that thrive in frigid temperatures. They are agile in the water and can make their way on land as well (in their own unique, determined way.) Consider these five gems of wisdom from the penguin:

1. Embrace Change

While gradual change is easier to process, sometimes change comes suddenly and unexpectedly. Instead of shedding feathers here and there, penguins molt all at once and must stay on land for two to three weeks as their new coat grows in. If life brings you sudden change, embrace it, give yourself time to process, and get ready to return to life renewed and restored.

2. Be Social

Most penguin species congregate in large colonies of up to 1,000 birds.  There’s power in numbers, so get out there, find your tribe and mingle.

3. Be Loyal

Most penguins mate for life with the same partner and retain a connection to the rookery where they were born. Honor your commitments and stay connected with your roots.

4. Make Parenting a Team Effort

Penguin males are known for being very active in caring for their young, and some species even incubate the eggs while the female hunts. Strive for a balanced, harmonious team effort when raising little ones.

5. Choose Your Surroundings Wisely

Penguins are only found in the Southern hemisphere of the world, where there is no danger of encountering predators like polar bears or wolves. They naturally gravitated and evolved toward this safer, more supportive environment. Are you living in the right surroundings for your safety, well-being and highest good? The penguin delights with their adorable look and whimsical way of walking around on land.  They also have much to teach us. How might you apply these five lessons from the penguin in your own life?

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