The owl is known for its large, round eyes, nocturnal nature and sharp senses. It can swivel its head nearly 360 degrees, but it’s also admired for its beauty, uniqueness and grace. Here are five things we can learn from the owl:

1. Seeing Through Illusions

The owl is naturally nocturnal, which means it functions very well in the dark. The owl can see past darkness and illusion, navigating to what really matters. If you feel a connection with the owl, perhaps it’s time to develop these qualities in yourself.

2. Learn to Really Listen

Owls have a highly developed auditory system that helps them to hear prey even from great distances. How sharp are your listening skills? Start honing them to be even better, and you’ll reap great rewards.

3. Find a Firm Footing

The owl’s talons are among the strongest of any bird, allowing them to find firm footing just about anywhere. Owls can also symbolize change and transition; they are adaptable and can land on their feet even when unexpected challenges arise. Find solid ground wherever you are, but be ready to adjust your plans as needed and regain your footing.

4. Let Go of What Doesn’t Serve You

For the sake of efficiency, the owl often devours its prey whole; its system later releases indigestible waste material in the form of owl pellets. Develop your own ability to take in what you need from the Universe, then naturally release the rest.

5. Proceed with Strength and Purpose

The owl’s heightened senses allow it to move with grace, ease and efficiency, even in darkness. Tune in to your own divine path in life, trust your instincts, and go forward on your life’s path with strength and purpose.

As a spirit animal, owl is emblematic of intuitive knowledge and a deep and abiding connection with truth. If you find the owl showing up in your life, perhaps it’s time to develop these aspects of yourself.

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