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After we bid farewell to the sun each day, the moon graces us with its luminous presence at night. It may change its look as proximity to the earth and sun changes, but we can count on it being there, keeping silent vigil. Here are five things we can learn from the moon:

1. Show Your True Face

The moon does not rotate but instead continually shows the same face to the earth. Don’t be two-faced in life; live from the heart and show the world your true self with consistency, authenticity and integrity.

2. Be a Good Influence

The moon moves the tides due to gravitational forces and keeps the earth’s bodies of water dynamic. It also tilts the earth’s axis just enough to allow us to experience rich, varied seasonal changes throughout the year. How can you be an even better influence in the world?

3. Reflect the Light

The moon shines brightly at night due to reflected light from the sun. Strive to make your own life a beacon of reflected light and positivity.

4. Wax and Wane Naturally

Life is about going with the flow. The moon shines with more intensity at some points in its cycle, and is less intense at others. Embrace the ebbs and flows of life’s rhythms gracefully and naturally.

5. Inspire Greatness

The moon has inspired countless songs, paintings, poems, writings and other works of art. Strive to make your own life an inspiration to those around you.

The moon illuminates the night sky so reliably, most of us tend to take it for granted. However, this lunar orb has much to teach us. Keep an eye to the sky at night, enjoy the changing cycles of the moon, and apply the wisdom of this silent, luminous teacher.

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