Have you ever really looked at a dragonfly? While they are often on the move, if you’re lucky, one will hover or land long enough for you to see its elegant wings and beautiful iridescent colors. They have much to teach us; consider these gems of wisdom from the dragonfly:

Strive for Clarity 

Dragonflies put a premium on vision, with around 80 percent of their brain power used for processing sight. Their compound eyes have as many as 30,000 individual lenses and they enjoy 360º vision. While you may not have the innate visual gifts of the dragonfly, you can strive to always see things as they truly are and get as much clarity as possible in a given situation.

Be Adaptable

The dragonfly can maneuver itself from side to side, up and down and even backwards. It can hover like a helicopter and change course at a moment’s notice. Strive to be flexible and adaptable in your own life, too.

Discern Illusion vs. Reality

The magical dragonfly’s iridescence allows it to show itself in different colors depending upon the available light. Where might you be favoring illusion versus reality in your life? When the time is right, unmask your truth, let go of inhibitions, and see past illusions.

Go Deeper 

Dragonflies are often spotted hovering along the surface of serene lakes and ponds. Their beautiful reflection winks up from the water’s surface, rippling and hinting at deeper possibilities. Is it time to look past the surface of things in your own life and let deeper energies emerge?

When a dragonfly appears, it could be a sign that positive change is imminent. Let dragonfly remind you to see things as clearly as possible, be more flexible, see past the surface and connect with more substantial truths.