Wisdom from a Dolphin

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Dolphins bring a friendly, kind, intuitive and almost otherworldly energy to this planet, and anyone lucky enough to have been around them can attest to their special qualities. We can learn much from this inspiring nautical creature; here are some of dolphin’s most valuable lessons and qualities:

1. Cultivate Your Intuition

Dolphins seem to have a sixth sense that is always informing their direction and behavior. Don’t forget to tune into your own inner wisdom to navigate life and inform your decisions large and small.

2. Be Friendly and Kind

Despite being a sea creature, dolphins exude a friendly, positive vibe. Their curved mouths are upturned in a perpetual smile, and their 80-plus tiny teeth are far more adorable than threatening. Take a cue from dolphin and cultivate a friendly, kind demeanor and approach to life.

3. Send Out Healing Vibes

When around humans in a controlled setting, dolphins have been known to gravitate toward the ones who have health problems or special needs. They seem compelled to nurture those who need it and can do so just by their healing presence. If all of us cultivated the same sort of energy and intention, the world would indeed be a better place.

4. Be Social

Dolphins are social animals by nature and travel in groups. Find your tribe and be social with your fellow humans!

5. Make Plenty of Time for Play

Lastly, few scenes exude more joy than a group of dolphins frolicking in the surf. Dolphins naturally integrate play throughout their daily activities — and you should strive to do the same.

When it comes to the animals of earth, dolphins seem to be in a category all their own. Strive to embody the lessons that dolphin has to share, and you’ll enjoy a more magical experience on this planet, too.

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