Be it white, red, or rose, so many of us harbor a love for vino. And who can blame us? The drink is more than just about taste. It is a symbol of cultural heritage, social significance, and culinary delight. We drink wine to celebrate, to relax, and to enhance the flavors in a meal.

But that sleek bottle in your wine rack holds more than just a melody of flavors. When we extend the ritual of drinking wine beyond the cork and bottle, we find that there are many life lessons to be found.

It Gets Better With Time

Life is like a fine red wine: it gets better with age! When time passes, scars can heal and life itself feels more precious. Time is accumulation of wisdom and experience, and you (and your wine!) are all the richer for it.

Use All Your Senses

Wine is more than what it tastes like. Notice a wine’s color. Is it crimson or more of a deep plum? Take a whiff. Do you smell citrus or spices? As with wine, getting the most out of life means being mindful and using all our senses so to revel in the moment. 

Go Slowly

Wine is best enjoyed at a leisurely pace. A wine’s aromas and flavors come to life when you let them sit on your tongue. Savor life as you would wine: go slowly and enjoy every last sip.


For an extra fine wine, many people like to let their red wine aerate, or “breathe.” This is when a wine is opened and exposed to oxygen, allowing more flavors to be released. It also allows a wine’s tannins to soften so that the wine tastes less harsh. Treat yourself as you would wine: allot for time to just sit and breathe. You may find your mood becomes less harsh and your flavors a little more refreshed.

Share With Others   

Nothing beats the feeling of opening a bottle when company arrives. Wine has always been and continues to be a social beverage. Like wine, life tastes better when we share it with our loved ones.

Don’t Be Fooled by Labels

Perhaps you’ve discovered your favorite wine isn’t necessarily the most expensive brand or the one with the prettiest packaging. Similarly, the best experiences have little to do with money or appearance. The people we love the most aren’t the richest or the best looking.

Approach life like you would a glass of wine and you will always be satisfied.