Why You Value Safety Over Your Intentions

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When you do intentions, what stops you from receiving every single one? Or any of them? You feel like you’ve really put positive energy into your intentions but don’t feel like you’re getting results. One of the ways people are blocked from receiving intentions is called “ecology”. Here is how the energy of ecology keeps you from getting what you want.

Ecology Maintains the Status Quo

This is an energy that most people fight unconsciously because it’s trying to prevent change from happening. It’s part of the mechanism in charge of keeping you safe. It nearly always assumes that your current state is safer than a different one, because this one is known and any future state is unknown. Even if you’re unhappy in the current state, your ecology deems you safe and that you should stay there.

The Teaching Position

Let’s assume that you’ve applied and been accepted for an interesting teaching position out of the state. You’ll have to move but you’ve looked carefully at the position and have decided that it’s what you want to do. You do intentions that you get this position easily and effortlessly and that it is everything you hope it to be. What could go wrong with an intention like that?

Ecology is the Hidden Block

Inside of you are little voices shouting out reasons that this can’t happen, but you’re likely so accustomed to them that you don’t hear them anymore. They are saying such things as:

  • Your family doesn’t want you to move.
  • The move will be expensive.
  • Housing in the other state will be difficult to find.
  • Your mother needs you to help with your aging grandmother.
  • Your pet will be stressed by the move.
  • Etc., Etc., Etc.

There could be a hundred little voices sharing their disapproval of your intention. This energy works against your positive intention energy and if not challenged, you will have difficulty manifesting many intentions.

Dealing with Ecology

The problem is that these voices aren’t convinced that the change will be better. It’s possible that you have some doubts and fears that allow those voices to say “See, we told you it was a bad idea!” If you can make them feel comfortable that the change is a good one and will be a positive influence on your life, the voices will become quieter.

Your first step is to use meditation, long walks, self hypnosis, consulting or whatever modality works to get you in touch with your inner voices. Ask yourself (inner voices) what the objections are. Make a list to refer to later.

Pick a quiet time to go over that list and make notes as to how your decisions will have a positive impact on each issue. Have another session with your inner voices to present this to them.

Before you end the session with them, let them know that this change will be a “trial run” for this part of your life. Ask them to give you feedback as to how things are going and that you’ll make adjustments. Often when these voices understand that there is the possibility of returning to the status quo should the change not go as planned, they will not be so demanding.

If you question why the intention process doesn’t seem to work for you, dig a little deeper into your psyche to find those voices that control the ecology in you. They are likely trying to keep you safe by keeping you right where you are now. Because they don’t know how to keep you safe any other way.


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