When we are growing, we are often told to be wary of strangers, and to speak only to people we know and trust. And while that point of view makes good safety sense for young children, as adults it can lead us to become closed-off and isolated to the people we walk on the street with, ride the bus with, etc.

Here are several reasons to strike up a conversation with someone new to you:

  • Speaking with each other leads to the experience of something new. How boring life would be if we never spoke to anyone but our friends and family! Speaking to a stranger adds excitement and variety to the day.
  • Speaking with each other can lead to a new point of view. Once we break down the barriers that keep us separated, we can see what sort of things we share in common, and what sort of things we feel differently about.
  • Speaking with each other enables a shared connection. We leave the interaction feeling more fulfilled, more adventurous, more human than we felt before.
  • Speaking with each other encourages serendipity. You never why someone was put in your path on a particular day. There may be some pearl of wisdom waiting to unfold before your eyes, if only you will take the chance of talking with someone new.
  • Speaking with each other helps us learn something different. When we open ourselves to the experience of another person, we may be surprised to see how much they have to teach us!

Be brave, and introduce yourself to someone new today!