Why is Your Spirit Guide a Crow?

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If you’re accustomed to working with spiritual helpers, did you ever wonder why they appear to you in the form that they do? You may talk with your crow power animal every day, and get advice from your guardian angel that looks like a tiny elf with wings. Other people may have shared with you that their helpers are historical figures, mythical creatures, or one of the four elements (air, fire, water, earth). Here are some thoughts on why people see different forms when working with their spiritual guides.

Meeting Us Half Way

Seattle author David Spangler has worked with spiritual energies since he was a child. He writes in his book Subtle Worlds that these beings are vibrating at a much higher energy than we are. It is nearly impossible for them to slow down their vibrations enough that we can notice them.

When a person has reached a level of awareness that they can raise their own vibration level, then these spiritual energies can meet you half way. Take the time to create a sacred space and meditate on connecting with your spirit guide. You will raise your vibration level so they can communicate with you.

Meeting Us in a Form With Which We Will Connect

Why does your guide look like a crow and not a three-toed sloth? If you met a person from Beijing who spoke to you in Mandarin, it wouldn’t mean much to you unless you also spoke Mandarin. The spirit guides tend to assume a form that is meaningful to you. If the meaning is not immediately clear, do a little research as to what meanings have been given to that form in your culture.

For example, the crow is often viewed as a trickster that has a strong connection with magic. It is also very vocal and prefers the company of other crows. Your guide may have chosen this form because those qualities reflect your own. Or it’s a hint that you should adopt some of those attributes into your life.

If you’ve done some research and still wonder why they are in the form they are, you can do something that people often forget they can do. Ask your guide why they look as they do. Spirit guides and helpers love getting questions and will likely respond to you with “I’m glad you finally asked…”

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