Why Everyone Should Add Push Ups to their Workout Routine

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Finding ways to make workouts even more effective can make it easier to stay in shape. One basic move that is frequently overlooked but has the capacity to offer tremendous sculpting and strength building power is the pushup. Here are just a few of the benefits of adding this exercise into any workout routine.

They are fantastic for building upper body strength

Push ups make it easy to build strong arms, chest, and upper back, which is desirable and healthy in both people of both genders. Even better, since the pushup only requires the resistance of the athlete’s own body weight, there is no need to purchase any fancy equipment or even drag the weights out of the closet.

Push ups can help build core and leg muscles

Not only do push ups help with the arms, they also can help build core strength and work muscles throughout the rest of the body, including the legs. This core building can help improve posture while also giving the athlete flatter abs.

There are plenty of variations

One of the worst things a workout routine can do is become boring. A boring routine leads to being being less inclined to finish repetitions while a lack of variety can result in muscle groups being neglected. A push up can be easily modified to be harder or easier as well as target different muscle groups to ensure plenty of excitement and versatile exercise. For example, moving the hands wider than shoulder width apart will place a greater emphasis on the chest. When the hands are narrower than shoulder width apart, the triceps would be exercised.

Push ups are a versatile exercise that can be done just about anywhere. Those looking for a way to improve their standard workout routine should start adding in a few repetitions each day and challenge themselves to see how high they can go. This is an exercise that will surely produce results.

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