You wake up and look outside. The sky is gray and it’s lightly raining. You get out of bed and stub your little toe on the end table. You curse and think “This is going to be a bad day!” Not surprisingly, little things go wrong throughout the day, as if you predicted it. You didn’t actually predict it, but likely created that reality for you on that day. Here is why this happens and how to turn it around for a more positive experience.

The Universe Doesn’t Judge

The Law of Attraction doesn’t discriminate between good and bad, positive or negative. It works with energy, which is a neutral force. Whether something is good or bad is a quality assigned to energy by human beings. What the Law of Attraction does do is match the energy vibration it sends to you with the energy you put out. The simple phrase, “Like attracts like” describes exactly how the Law of Attraction works.

Creating Your Own Reality

You don’t need to understand how the Law of Attraction works, or why, but you constantly experience its effects.

You stub your toe and think “This is going to be a bad day”. This is a low vibration form of energy. You didn’t realize it, but you just sent the Universe a request to manifest more low vibration energy for you. It responds with “OK, more of that coming your way!”

You get stuck in traffic. You’re late for an appointment. You spill spaghetti sauce on your shirt. Each time you think to yourself “I just knew this was going to be a crappy day!” And the Universe hears that and responds by sending you more low vibration energy.

Knowing the Difference Between Low and High Energy States is Key

Low energy statements include negative things such as:

  • This is going to be a bad day.
  • The drive to work is going to be intolerable.
  • This project will be hard for me to get done in time.
  • This test is impossible for me to pass.

The emotions you’ll experience when dealing with low energy include:

  • anger or sadness
  • frustration or fear
  • disappointment
  • helplessness
  • feeling of being overwhelmed

High energy statements include positive things such as:

  • This is going to be a great day.
  • The drive to work will give me time to go over my presentation.
  • I’ll find just the right approach to get this project done on time.
  • I will be surprised at how easy it is for me to pass this test.

The emotions you have with such statements include:

  • excitement or joy
  • confidence
  • gratitude
  • accomplishment
  • being in control

Creating Your Reality

At any time during your “bad day” you can turn it into a “good day” by changing the vibration level of the energy you’re putting out. When you saw those gray, rainy skies, you can set the tone for the day by smiling and saying “This is going to be a great day!” If you miss that opportunity, take advantage of other situations to change the direction of the day.

When stuck in traffic say, “This will give me time to collect my thoughts before the meeting.”

When you spill something on your shirt say, “I just saw a coupon for a new dry cleaner down the street that I want to try.”

When late for an appointment say, “I am so grateful that I was able to get this appointment!”

If you’re already upset about the day, don’t wait until you “feel better”, just say the statements. By saying the positive energy statements of gratitude, confidence and excitement, you’ll begin to feel the shift in your emotional energy. At that point, keep manifesting a great day by continuing to put out to the Universe those high vibration positive statements. You’ll get back an abundance of high vibration energy and situations because you’ve now manifested that positive day.