When Weakness Makes Us Strong

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“Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.” – Lao Tzu 

 We’re quick to label our weaknesses… but what if these qualities were actually our biggest strengths? Take a look at common misperceptions that even the strongest of us fall for:  

1. “I can’t take criticism.”  
No one likes criticism, even when it helps us grow. And when criticism goes deep to the heart, we start to label ourselves as “weak.” However, these feelings have little to do with weakness, and a whole lot more to do with a strong inner core of principles. The same high standards we set for ourselves in the face of negativity are what spur us to become better people overall.  

2. “I’m a pushover.”  
When we are young we are told to stand up for ourselves, and to never to be a doormat for others. Yet we also know that being a doormat is very different from being a compassionate, thoughtful person. Never forget that universal kindness, forgiveness, and charity are qualities of only the strong, not the weak.  

3. “I don’t have direction.”  
Life changes (career, location, relationship, etc.) can prompt questions like “Where am I going?” and “What’s my purpose?” These feelings represent strength, not weakness- because it means you have refused to settle for anything less than a great life.  

4. “I’m too sensitive.”  
Being sensitive to the actions and words of others is not a weakness in character- it is a sign of a healthily functioning emotional identity. Additionally, worrying too much about other people’s feelings when “you should be worrying about yourself” is actually a sign of selflessness and your high value on personal relationships.  

Remember that there are many kinds of strength in the world, and the most important kinds are often invisible to the naked eye. Do you have any other strength and weakness thoughts? Please share below!

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