Graffiti and grime? Or something greater? Street art can becontroversial and beautiful in the same moment. An unexpected image can make usstop on the sidewalk to reflect, and a well-sculpted message can alter thecourse of our thoughts for an entire day.

In celebration of notable street artist Banksy’s new work in NYC (our hometown!) we’re sharing three ways inwhich graffiti enhances our imaginations and inspires us to look a the world abit closer every day…

1. Reality vs. Imagination


A good work of art blurs the line between what is real andwhat is imagined, making us believe, if only for a split second, that somethingspecial has happened (like a heart shaped balloon floating alone against awall). Different from graffiti words and names, which can appear menacing,thoughtful art installations add color and depth to otherwise ordinary surroundings.

2. Beauty in Unexpected Places


Street art makes us see beauty where we expect it least(like a beautiful garden inside the back of a delivery truck). Talented artistsuse these installations to teach us to keep our eyes open in every moment,never knowing when we may witness beauty in the least likely of places.

3. Human Connections


Street art makes us focus on the human lives we intertwinewith every day on the street corner. Artworks with a human element (like thetwo children from the past etched onto a wall) make us consider the lives ofthe people we talk and walk with each day, realizing that we have a lot more incommon than using the same sidewalk. Also, a cool mural brings a neighborhoodtogether!

Images shared via Visit to learn more aboutBanksy’s NYC stay!