You may know your Zodiac sign and your Meyer’s Briggs type, but have you tried the Enneagram yet?

The Enneagram personality model consists of nine different personality types. Every type is characterized by a specific set of habits, motivating values, and behavioral traits. Knowing your Enneagram type can illuminate how you interact with the world. Though most people fall within a distinct type, they also share characteristics, known as “wings”, with other types.

No Enneagram type is considered better than the other: just like people, each has its own unique gifts and challenges. For example, people who are Type 2, also known as Helpers, are generous and giving of themselves. They’re always eager to serve others. Sounds good right? But because of their giving nature, Helpers also struggle to say no and can fail to meet their own needs, causing them to become resentful and burnt out. In other words, each type’s defining qualities can be weaknesses as much as they are strengths.

While it’s common to identify with aspects of all nine personalities, there is usually one dominating type that best describes you.

Enneagram Personality Types

1: The Reformer

Hardworking and idealistic, Reformers are determined to improve the world. They are noble and highly organized, but also struggle with perfectionism and self-criticism.

2: The Helper

Giving, caring, and generous, Helpers genuinely want to serve others. At the same time, they face challenges around possessiveness and getting their needs met.

3: The Achiever

Achievers are industrious, fast-paced, and ambitious. Achievers know how to accomplish great tasks, but if they’re not careful, they can become success-obsessed workaholics.

4: The Individualist

Romantic, emotional, and artistic, Individualists want to be authentic and original. These personalities are highly creative and at their best, personable and empathetic. At the same time, they’re prone to moodiness and envy.

5: The Observer

Observers are cerebral, analytical, and curious. They’re motivated to understand how the world works. Though they struggle with isolation and come off as intense, Observers are also incredibly inventive and innovative.

6: The Loyalist

Reliable, trustworthy, and committed, Loyalists prioritize security over anything else. While Loyalists struggle with self-doubt and suspicion, at their best, they’re effective problem-solvers and strategic thinkers.

7: The Enthusiast

Playful and spontaneous, Enthusiasts want to experience everything. They constantly seek out new adventures. They’re prone to impulsiveness and impatience, but at their best, they’re able to direct their energy into worthwhile goals

8: The Challenger

Powerful, assertive, and protective, these individuals love a good challenge and tend to be passionate about justice. While they can be dominating and controlling, healthy Challengers can also grow into inspiring leaders and change-makers

9: The Peacemaker

Diplomatic, harmonious, and easygoing, Peacemakers are supportive and make excellent mediators. On the flip-side, they tend to be conflict-avoidant and can easily fall into complacency.

Curious to know your type? You can pay a small fee to take the Enneagram Institute’s test or try this free sample one!

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