What The Cowardly Lion Can Teach Us

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In the realm of fantasy storytelling and characters there is often much truth that can be gleaned for our practical day to day lives. One such character is The Cowardly Lion from the beloved children’s book The Wizard of Oz.

The Cowardly Lion was a contradiction on all levels. He was the strongest animal and the most intimidating animal in the forest, and yet he was completely helpless only because of the limits he had placed on himself. How often can we draw an allegorical comparison between ourselves and The Cowardly Lion?

Each individual has within themselves the capacity for greatness. The difference between those who achieve greatness and those who do not simply lies in our own belief in our abilities. The Cowardly Lion lacked courage, but when there is no courage there is also no confidence.

Our lack of confidence brings into play “trapped thinking.” This is the negatives that bombard our mind and convince us that we cannot do the things we desire. Trapped thinking always says, “You can’t because (insert reasons).” Just as The Cowardly Lion could not fulfil his true destiny until he took courage, we too cannot attain our place of peace, productivity and positivity until we leave behind trapped thinking and embrace “released thinking.”

Released thinking is the opposite of trapped thinking. Released thinking takes an obstacle and begins to evaluate solutions no matter how farfetched. Writing down these ideas or simply speaking them out loud is one way to ignite your released thinking. When our ideas and solutions are spoken out loud or written down we soon realize that our ideas are not so farfetched or frightening after all. Even if all of our ideas do not work, released thinking will begin to forge new thought paths that will lead us to fantastic possibilities.

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