Who can resist the adorableness of otters? With their curious little faces and endless energy, otters are some of the most entertaining creatures you’ll ever encounter. But their enthusiasm conceals a carefree wisdom that all of us could learn from. Check out these life lessons from otters!


Otters are some of the most playful creatures in the animal kingdom. When they’re not hunting for food, they love to chase one another, wrestle, and even build water slides. Be like the otter, live with joy and take as many opportunities as you can to play.


While river otters spend lots of time on land, sea otters are the opposite. They spend nearly all of their time in the water, and even otter pups will float along with their moms. Don’t be afraid to jump into life’s waters and get wet.

Hold Hands

In 2007, a heart-warming video of two otters holding hands at the Vancouver Aquarium made a splash on the internet. But handholding isn’t unique to these cuties: wild sea otters hold hands to make sure they don’t drift apart while sleeping. Make sure you don’t drift from your own loved ones. Connect with others, look out for each other, and hold hands.

Find Your Group

When multiple sea otters float together and hold hands, it’s called a raft. These are single-sex groups which have anywhere from a few to 10 otters. But they can also be a big as 1,000 otters! You don’t have to float through life alone, find your raft.

Be Resourceful

A sea otter’s diet consists of marine creatures like clams and mussels. But otters aren’t strong enough to crack open shellfish. Instead, they carry a small rock which they use to break the shells, making them one of the few mammals to use tools. In short, don’t worry if you’re not strong enough: what matters is how resourceful you are.

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