What Makes You So Special?

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If you find yourself wrapped up in the quest to discover who you are, remember that you are someone unique. There has never been nor will there ever be another you. If you don’t believe that, just do the math. Once you understand how special you are, your quest for identity becomes something different.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Biologically, you are what you are because of the DNA you inherited from your parents. Given all of the combinations of chromosomes and genes available at the time of your conception, there were more than 70 trillion possible combinations. Why is that significant?

It’s estimated that there have only been 108 billion people alive on this planet since the beginning of human existence. More than 7 billion of those people are alive on the planet right now. This means that there are trillions of more possible genetic combinations of human beings than the number of human beings that have ever lived on the Earth. You are one of those unique individuals with your own genetic identity.

You Have a Unique Story

Psychologically, you alone have experienced all of the events that you have in your lifetime. Your responses to those events were uniquely yours and the results are the special human being that you are today. Yes, other 6 year olds were embarrassed while up at the chalkboard in class. Other 17 year olds had their hearts broken at the prom. But each individual had their own experience of those events and reacted to them uniquely. Everyone writes a special story that becomes their life.

Your Quest is to Be the Best You That You Can Be

Because you are already unique and special, you don’t need to find out how to be someone else. You can now focus on being the best you that has ever been and will ever be on this planet. What strengths do you have that you can share with the world? When you stop looking for who you are and how to be special, you can put your energy into enjoying your existence and begin sharing your special self with the other 7 billion special people on this planet.

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