Most New Year’s resolutions come and go before the spring season. It’s not because we don’t want to make positive changes in our lives, but because creating new habits is difficult. A vision board is an inspirational tool that can help you stay focused on the goals you want to achieve.

Making your Vision Board

Almost anything can be used to create a vision board. Use a piece of poster board for the base and collect a variety of tools:

  • Scissors
  • Colored pens
  • Magazines
  • Adhesive letters
  • Glue sticks
  • Embellishments if desired

Spend a few moments in quiet meditation focused on your goal. What do you want to accomplish or call into your life? Instead of naming several general things like “love,” “inner peace” or “travel” be specific in your goals. Are you ready to meet your life partner and begin a serious commitment? Do you want to spend a month in Australia? Claiming our heart’s desire puts us one step closer to manifesting it.

Now that you’re clear on your vision, use your art supplies to make a collage that represents it. Don’t worry about your art skills. Focus on your vision, and create something from your heart.

Using Your Vision Board

Simply creating a collage isn’t going to magically make your dreams come true. Now it’s time to put your vision board to work. First, place it in an area where you see it every day. Make a list of the smaller goals you need to accomplish in order for your vision to be fulfilled, and schedule time each week to accomplish them. For example, that trip to Australia will require a passport, money, maybe a house/pet sitter and travel plans. All together, the goal might seem impossible to accomplish, but by taking one small step at a time even the tallest mountain can be scaled.