Wake Up and Bring Your Dreams to Life

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When we wake up, there are a few sleepy moments in which our dreamsstill seem real – and everything we imagined seems possible. Then we rise,shower and start our day, and these moments escape us.

But as Walt Disney once said – if you can dream it, you can do it.Here are a few simple ways to re-motivate yourself and bring your dreams toreality:

1. Wake Up Earlier
Leave bed each morning with the idea of making the day your own.Being proactive and waking up just a bit earlier is one of many small changesyou can make to your routine to help you start living for your own purposes andnot someone else’s.

2. Get Your Body Moving
Move the body and the mind will follow. An early morning walk orswim can liven up your muscles (and your brain too), and practices like yogaand tai chi strengthen focus and insight… which helps you determine exactlywhat it is you want to accomplish each day.

3. Use Spiritual Resources
Whether you meditate already or not, you can try to incorporate thispractice into your early morning routine to deepen your knowledge of yourstrengths and opportunities for growth. And mantras and prayers can help youvisualize and reinforce your direction to become who you dream of being.

4. Do the Opposite
Take your normal patterns and break them up. Especially on weekends,you can change schedules to create more time for working on the things youreally care about. For example if you usually wait until later in the day to becreative, you might try practicing your craft first thing in the AM to give asense of urgency to your goals.

5. Track Your Dreams
You don’t have to make a goals sheet or an elaborate achievementscalendar to track your progress. A simple blank notebook can help. Write oneword each day you wake up (optimistic, hopeful, challenged, etc.) to get yourmind on the right track.

Remember that a major factor in achieving your dreams is gettingenough sleep and enough nutrition. Leave your bed every morning with the intentto live you best life and remember that dreams are built one day at a time.


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