Viewing Intention as a Conscious Synchronicity

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Many people have experienced a synchronistic event in their lives. You think of someone with whom you haven’t spoken for some time and get a phone call from them that night. When you are aligned with the energy of an event that you want to have happen, but don’t expect it and it does happen, you may consider it a coincidence. Actually, you’ve just positioned yourself in the right place and time to intercept the experience. Understanding synchronicities and how they occur will help you power up your intention process. Here is how they are related and what you can do to tap into that energy.

It is All Possible

One theory of the Universe is that all things are possible. In any given moment, any possibility can happen. One possibility is that you spill orange juice on your shirt at breakfast and another possibility is that you don’t. Which one you experience depends on your energetic state and which reality you draw to you. Your energy turns possibilities into probabilities.

From possibilities come the intentions that you wish to manifest, and the synchronicities that seem to occur at random. They are actually not random events or coincidences. The difference between intentions and synchronicities is the level of consciousness you put toward them.

How Intentions and Synchronicities Are Related

Consider these two situations:

  • You put out the intention that a distant friend with whom you haven’t spoken for years will call you, and they call you in a few days.
  • You suddenly think of a distant friend with whom you haven’t spoken and they call you a few days later.

In the first case, you focused your consciousness on getting that call. In the second example, you’re only briefly conscious of the thought. Both cases put energy out which transforms possibilities into probabilities.

During both of these scenarios, there exist two possibilities:

  • Your friend will not call.
  • Your friend will call.

The first possibility continues to be the reality until some energy pushes the other possibility of getting a call into reality. Whether you intended it to happen or experienced the call as a synchronicity, your energy is responsible.

Seeing Intentions as Conscious Synchronicities

When you begin to see synchronicities, coincidences and intentions as the result of possibilities being affected by your energy, your intention process becomes more powerful. Include the following in your intention process or meditation to increase the effectiveness of your intentions:

  • Visualize what you intend for as being in the pool of infinite possibilities right at this moment.
  • Make yourself consciously aware that your energy will make one or more of those possibilities more probable.
  • Focus your energy on the one possibility that you wish to become the most probable to occur and become reality in your life.

The more aware you are that your energy is responsible for the events that occur to you and around you, the more effective your intentions will be at transforming probabilities into realities.

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