Using the Intention Process for a More Fulfilling Life

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If you’re new to the intention process, it’s time you tap into the energy of natural laws that have been written about for more than a century. William Atkinson wrote about the Law of Attraction in 1906 and noted that this law is based on the principle of “like attracts like.” When you put out the energy about a certain thing or event, you attract that or something similar back to you. The intention process is about using this law to manifest your hopes and dreams.

A Simple Intention Experiment

Pick a day when you get up, look outside and it’s rainy and dreary. A day when your first thought is, “This is going to be a bad day.” Now sit quietly, take a few deep breaths to relax and say to yourself “This is going to be a great day!” Picture yourself having an amazing day drinking coffee, people walking up to you on the street complimenting you, and any other images that make you smile and feel good.

Plant the thought “This is going to be a great day!” on a billboard in the front of your mind so you see it all day. Remind yourself of that thought often. At the end of the day, check in with yourself and note what your experience of the day was. Most people who try this can’t help but have a day full of great experiences, often in ways they had not imagined.

This works because you are putting good, high-vibration energy out into the Universe about having a great day. What you got back were experiences that met the feelings you had about what a great day feels like. This is the heart of the intention process.

Developing an Intention Process That Works for You

If you tried the experiment above, you’ve already touched on the three elements of any intention process:

  1. State what you want – “I want to have a great day
  2. Feel what it’s like to have what you asked for – Visualize yourself having a great day and what it feels like.
  3. Continue putting the energy out for that intention – The mental billboard keeps you focused on your intention.

You can do this in any manner with which you’re most comfortable. Your intention process should be fun and motivating. Some people light candles, burn incense and do this as a meditation. Others write their intentions on a piece of paper or in a journal. You can just as easily do this while sitting in your car driving to work.

Advanced Intention Work

Once you’re comfortable with basic intention setting, you can add some elements that will take things to a higher level for you. When doing intentions, you are working with the manifestation energy in the Universe. This energy is responsible for the creation of everything. Various names are applied to this energy but what is important is your recognition of it. Adding the following three steps to your intention process creates a more powerful connection between you and this manifestation energy.


Show gratitude to the Universe for working with you to create a life you enjoy. Fueling your intention with the energy of gratitude is one way to charge up your intentions. Start your intention process with a simple declaration of gratitude such as:

I am so grateful for what has been manifested in my life.”
I am grateful for the abundance that was manifested for me last week.”

Feel this gratitude in your heart as you continue your intention process.


Recognize in your process that you may not intend for the best outcome for yourself because you haven’t thought of it yet. For example, you may intend for money to attend an upcoming conference. But there are many ways that you could go to the conference without having the money in your hands. An aunt that you haven’t spoken with for years calls just to chat. She ends the call by offering to pay your way to the conference.

Detach yourself from how your intention gets manifested by adding a phrase such as “This or something better” to your intention process. This tells the Universe that you are open to even better manifestations in your life.

I put the intention out for the financial abundance to attend the XYZ conference, and ask that this or something better be manifested in my life.”

Highest Good

When you ask that something be manifested in your life for the highest good, you create an important connection with the creation energy. Your intention is now an unselfish wish for a good outcome for yourself and all other beings on the planet. While you won’t know what the highest good really is, you’re leaving it to the manifestation process to determine that. For example, the highest good may not be that you go to the conference. Someone at home may desperately need your help when you’re away.

Rolling up these three energies into your intention process fuels it so great things can happen. Try adding a couple of sentences to your intention work and see what happens:

I am so grateful for the life that has been manifested for me as I put the intention out that I have the financial abundance to attend the XYZ conference. I ask for this or something better to be manifested in my life for the highest good of all.

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