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Sacred geometry holds that the Universe was composed from a number of basic shapes. When a person understands those shapes, they can master them, too, for strength, protection and manifesting intentions. While there are dozens of shapes used in sacred geometry, understanding five basic shapes gives you a new tool with which to manage your world.

The Basic Shapes in Sacred Geometry

Each of the following shapes work with a unique set of energies for you. As you come to understand the potential of each shape, imagine how you might use it in your every day life.


The straight edges of this shape creates boundaries to other energies. It contains energy and creates stability. If you’re in a coffee shop trying to read and you’re surrounded by noisy people, visualize yourself sitting in a cube to get some peace and quiet.


This shape promotes balance within energies. With no sharp angles and only a smoothly flowing surface to contain a sphere, it holds infinite possibilities. If you find yourself in a position where there are limited choices, visualize yourself in a sphere and open up to other options.


This shape preserves energy, especially where the central point of all of the triangles intersect. It also integrates and retains knowledge. While you are studying for a test, visualize being in a pyramid. You’ll remember more and the information will be readily available to you during your test.


The cone is used to direct and focus energy. How it does this depends on how you have the cone positioned. The cone can be visualized in one of three positions:

  • Point down – Energy moves through the cone to you in a gentle manner.
  • Point away from you – The energy is focused outward from you.
  • Point toward you – The energy is amplified outward from you.

Some practical uses of the cone include:

  • If you’re sitting in a lecture hall, imagine a cone over you with the point down so you easily assimilate the lecture material you’re hearing.
  • If you’re describing something to a friend that you want them to quickly understand, imagine a cone between you and the other person with the point toward them.
  • If you’re giving an impassioned speech to a group of people, imagine the cone with the point toward you to amplify your message out to the group and to get your point across to them.


This shape connects energies at both ends of the shape. It facilitates the smooth flow of energy between objects and people. If you want to make sure that your interview has the best possible energy available, visualize a cylinder sitting on its side between you and the interviewer.

Combine and Experiment With the Shapes

Don’t be afraid to mix and match shapes to see what effects you get. For example:

  • Imagine a sphere enclosing your brainstorming group, and a cube surrounding the sphere. This will give your group more possibilities to consider while containing the energy in the room to avoid distractions.
  • Visualize your car in a cylinder with a cone pointed down at you, so you remain attentive to the traffic and get to your destination easily and effortlessly.

The more you experiment with these shapes, the more ways you’ll discover how to use them to shift energy around throughout your day.

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