Trust, a Key Ingredient for a Happy Recipe

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It is often said that happiness is simple – humanity only makes it complicated in our search for it. And while living a happy life requires effort and determination at times, the basis of a happy existence often comes down to changing our thought process, and learning to simplify our daily approach.

Each person owns a unique and special knowledge of what will make him / her truly happy – however, here are a few basic bits of advice adopted from philosophy and spirituality that can help most of us on the individual journey.

1. Trust in the universe. On the one hand, the cosmos are a fascinatingly complex system of countless moving parts, far beyond what the human mind can process. On the other hand, the immediate world we live in is often much simpler than we give it credit for being. Trust in the mechanics of it. Keep a pragmatic mindset about daily life – what goes up must come down, everything goes in cycles, and all things that are separated will reunite eventually.

2. Trust in others. See the people around you not as strangers, but as friends you haven’t met yet. Be confident in making new introductions, and choose to believe that we all have each other’s best intentions at heart. Seek the good in each person, familiar and unfamiliar, and recognize that what we admire in another is what we wish to be ourselves.

3. Trust in yourself. Believe in your unique capabilities and talents. There are some things, no matter what, that you can do better than anyone else. Your passions are worth investing the time and energy in – find what gets you going and move with it like your life depends on it!

Trust in goodness, trust in others, trust in yourself. 

We don’t have to have all the big questions in life figured out – we just have to simplify our thoughts to find a bit more happiness each day.

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