Tips to Make the Most of Your Weekend

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Starting from 6 PM Friday and ending at 6 AM Monday, the average weekend amounts to about 60 hours. That’s a heck of a lot of time! In fact, sometimes we take for granted how much time we have on the weekends. So much that we end up squandering it.  

But when used wisely, weekends are a chance for rejuvenation, socialization, joy, and self-improvement. A weekend well spent makes for a happier and healthier you (especially come Monday). In order to truly benefit from your time off, here are a few simple tips to make the most of your 60 hours.

Make Solid Plans

When you have no solid plans, it’s easy to fritter away all those free moments. To avoid wondering where the weekend went on a Sunday night, schedule at least one fun activity ahead of time. Try for an outing or meet someone for coffee. Commit to working on your hobby or take the family for a drive. Do something that is both active and pleasurable (i.e. not just lazing around). But remember, no need to book your entire schedule. Leave enough room for downtime too. Balance is key!

Get Chores Done Beforehand

It’s common for most of us to leave essential tasks for weekend. Laundry, groceries, and vacuuming feel easier to accomplish on a Saturday than on a Tuesday night after a long day’s work. But to really maximize the weekend hours, see if you can cross a few items on your to-do list beforehand. Do a load of laundry one night and then resolve to pay the bills on a separate night.    

Escape The Sunday Blues

On Sunday nights, it’s common to slip into a state of dread over the upcoming work week. Thoughts of impending deadlines and work projects start to loom. But fixating on Monday means Sunday is wasted on worry. In order to enjoy those last few hours, plan something fun for Sunday evening. On the Friday beforehand, get any small work-oriented tasks out of the way so they’re all cleared up for Monday: read emails, make phone calls, etc.

Put Your Phone Away

How easy it is to get sucked into our phones! A glance at your phone on a Saturday means you could easily get caught up going through emails and reading endless articles. Instead, set aside a chunk of time on the weekend where you turn off all devices. This way, you avoid the pitfall of staring at a screen and you’re truly left to be present with your family, friends, or even just that novel you’ve been meaning to finish.

Have Weekend Rituals

Do you go for a run on Saturday mornings? How about family dinners on Sunday nights? Whether it’s religious services, a class, or a social gathering, having a predetermined activity that you do every weekend keeps your schedule consistent and guarantees that least you’ve spent your time meaningfully. When creating the rituals, keep it simple and try to stick to something that doesn’t require too much planning.

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