Sometimes life throws you a curve and you’re left feeling like your head is in the clouds. This is a normal response to chaotic energy around you, so don’t be concerned. Once you’ve learned some techniques for getting yourself grounded again, you can quickly get rid of that jumbled feeling and get back to your normal routine. Try one or more of the following exercises to get your feet back on the ground after an experience with chaotic energy.

Meridian Tapping

Tapping lightly on several of the energy meridians will reorient your energy and help you feel grounded.

Repeat the phrase “I am now being grounded” while tapping lightly with two or three fingers on the following points:

  • Top of one eye
  • Side of the eye
  • Under the eye
  • Under the nose
  • On the space between your bottom lip and chin
  • To the side of your breast bone
  • Under your arm
  • On the top of your head

Tap and repeat the phrase a few times then check your energy status. Repeat if you still feel disoriented.


With a piece of burning incense or white sage in a small bowl, pass it around all parts of your body. Imagine your body being bathed in the smoke and think to yourself, “The smoke of this smudge cleanses all chaotic energy that is sticking to me.” Sit quietly for a few moments as you inhale the smudge while envisioning yourself as being clean and grounded.

Washing Hands

Running water has a grounding effect. Hold your hands under running water while you imagine all of the chaotic energy being directed to your hands. Then see the water cleansing that energy from your hands and body. You can also try taking a shower and seeing the chaotic energy being rinsed off of you.

The Earth Tone

Some belief systems assign tones to various elements. Earth, the foundation of grounding, is associated with very low vibrations. While sitting quietly, take a deep breath and make an “Oh” or “Om” sound. Make the sound as low and throaty as possible until you feel your vocal chords really vibrate. Do this several times and check your energy status.

Hug a Tree

Go to your favorite tree and give it a big hug. Stand there with your arms around the tree for several minutes while it pulls the chaotic energy from you and sends it down into the ground to be used in other ways. Don’t forget to thank your tree afterwards.

Toes in the Grass

Take your shoes off and walk in the grass. Grab the grass and earth with your toes as you feel the chaotic energy flow down through your body and feet and into the earth. If you’re on the 15th floor of a hotel and there is not a blade of grass for miles, dig your bare toes into the carpet and imagine that it’s a grassy meadow.

Take a Walk on the Beach

The water energy of a beach walk will get you grounded quickly. You don’t even need to do anything than just take a walk. The sound and energy of the waves on the beach will have a cleansing effect.