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The Ripple Effect of Positivity

The Ripple Effect of Positivity

When you cast a stone into water, the impact sends ripples across the surface, far beyond where the stone entered. Similarly, what we do in life echoes throughout time – our thoughts, actions and words have the power to affect great change far beyond ourselves.

Ripples are beautiful because they become so much larger than the object that causes them. And the small decisions we make every day – to laugh, to smile, to share a kind word – create an impact that spreads far and wide, impacting much more than our own lives.

When we awaken to this rippling power of positivity, several things begin to happen.

  1. We see change from within. We realize how much goodness can occur within this one, precious, human life that we have.
  2. We expand our sphere of influence. We learn that while we cannot control outer circumstances, we can control the quality of our thoughts and deeds.
  3. We inspire change in others. We see that one good act inspires countless others, and that our lives richly interconnected with all around us.


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