The Resolutions That Matter

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Look for a moment – we stand on the shores of a new year, with opportunities approaching like peaceful waves. We now have a direction to choose. We can dive headfirst into standard resolutions and rushed promises of self-improvement. Or we can wade forward slowly but steadily, making changes that will transform our greater existence, and not just our daily habits.

With a spirit of optimistic anticipation, here are several thoughts for committing to meaningful new habits in the year ahead.

Resolving to live with balance. We are more than mere physical matter, and we need more than a workout routine to make us happy and whole. The health of heart and mind must be considered in the balance of our lives, and for many, there is a spiritual component to our existence that also needs “exercise” ­– through meditation and tranquil reflection, especially in these days of change.

Resolving to live with courage. The days ahead can be the most rewarding days of our lives, if we have the strength and bravery to make them so. More than trying new things, meeting new people, and even seeing new places, we seek a new foundation of fearlessness in all we do – learning to overcome attachments and limitations that prevent us from being our full selves.

Resolving to live for one another. Diverse teachings of philosophy and spiritual traditions come together often at this single point – the more we lose ourselves in the service of others, the closer we get to discovering who we really are. This year we seek to exceed the need for one-dimensional self-improvement, realizing that true enhancement of the spirit takes place when we begin to live with care for the people who surround us.

These are just a few hopes for meaningful transformation to come to our lives. As we contemplate and take in fully this new horizon, are there any deep or powerful resolutions you have in mind? Please, feel free to share your thoughts with us below. 

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