The Power of the Theta State

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Theta is a brain wave state between 4 and 8 hertz (cycles per second) that is associated with meditation, deep relaxation, deep learning, and the ability to change limiting beliefs. The Schumann resonance also falls in this range — that is, the earth’s natural frequency (7.83 hertz).

Studies have shown that being exposed to the 7.83 hz Schumann frequency even in a lab setting helps to restore humans to a state of balance, equilibrium and well-being. Anyone who’s “gotten back to nature” after a long period of time in an urban setting can attest to the fact that being close to the earth makes us feel really good. There’s even a healing movement called Earthing centered around reminding people to re-ground to the earth daily — barefoot, if possible.

The Schumann resonance of earth is at the “faster” end of the theta range. The lower part of the range also offers many healing properties, but it’s all in how you use it. The brains of children before the age of five or six are in a perpetual theta state, which means that whatever they hear and experience during this time is taken in at a deep level. They are literally being programmed.

Children who had affirming, loving and positive experiences during this time receive an excellent start in life; others who had less supportive or abusive childhoods may have a harder time of things later in life.

The good news is that the theta state is also associated with deep, transformative meditation, hypnosis, re-learning and “reprogramming.” Tuning into the theta brainwave in this spirit can pave the way for the healing and overwriting of limiting beliefs and patterns with positive ones. Consider modalities such as theta healing, hypnosis, The One Command, and listening to subliminals to use the theta state to heal and transform yourself at a deep level.

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