American writer, Denis Waitley said, “Learn from the past, set vivid, detailed goals for the future, and live in the only moment of time over which you have any control: now.”

He’s right. Too often we spend far too much time and energy obsessing over what happened yesterday or what might happen tomorrow. How much time do you spend looking back on what could have been or on missed opportunities? How much time do you spend worrying about a future that you cannot control?

We can’t go back in time to correct past mistakes, and we are not guaranteed the next moment, much less tomorrow. All we have is NOW.

People in general seem spend a lot of time on regrets, on looking back at what could have been or what we missed. But if we take advantage of NOW – we can minimize those regrets.

Start living in the NOW today!

Tell your loved ones that you love them every single day. Don’t just resolve problems, seek reconciliation. People won’t agree on everything all the time, but that does not have to destroy a relationship. If the relationship is important to you than SHOW it. Resolution speaks to the problem but reconciliation speaks to the relationship and that is where your focus should be. Being right isn’t worth the cost of a fractured relationship.

Start pursuing your dreams TODAY. Don’t put off things that you love or that could be life changing for a tomorrow that isn’t promised to you. The only guarantee that you have in this life is that one day it will end.

Don’t put off that dream vacation or waiting till the ‘right time’ for pursuing things that you want in your life. Your time may be cut short and that right time may never come. Learn from your past, plan for the future, but live – really live – in the NOW.