The Peace of Planting

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Spring is a time of awakening and for many of us, hope. The dark, sun deprived days of winter are over and our hearts and our bodies welcome the warm weather and extra sunshine. One of the most powerful and ancient pulls of springtime for the human mind is the instinctual sense that now things will grow and growth is life. For this reason many people find peace and productivity this time of year through gardening. However, the lure of this hobby goes far beyond simply having the tastiest tomatoes in town.

Planting Peacefulness

Daron Joffe, eco-entrepreneur, garden writer and owner of Farmer D Organics in Atlanta, GA, affirms that, “planting a seed is the ultimate act of faith in the future” (1). By the simple act of placing a seed in soil and nurturing it you are affirming your very life and you’re participating in the most human of actions. You allow yourself to become a part of something ancient and pure. As you tend to this plant, whether it be a flower, fruit, berry or vegetable you must put on hold whatever stresses have invaded your mind and focus your attention on something pure and responsive. People and situations in our lives may not always be pure and responsive to us, but when a seed is placed in the right conditions you know something good is going to happen and you look forward to it each day.

Ancient Art of Gratitude

Ancient cultures may not have known much about technology, but they certainly knew a thing or two about thankfulness. Many of our modern day Halloween and Thanksgiving celebrations had their origins in ancient Celtic festivals that were dedicated as a time of gratitude for the food they had been capable of planting, growing and harvesting. So seriously did ancient cultures believe in an attitude of gratitude that many of their religions were developed around these festivals.

When we take the time to plant, even just a flower garden, and then see the results weeks later, we must step back and acknowledge an infinitely higher power than ourselves which brings such miraculous things into being through simple dirt, seeds, water and sunshine. There had been nothing, then we plant and now there is beauty and life, and you had a hand in in it.


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