The Gift of Sharing a Meal

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Whether sitting at the dining room table or sharing from a communal bowl, families all over the world have long enjoyed food together. While regular family dinners are unfortunately becoming less common in the United States, holidays and special celebrations are a reminder of how meaningful it is to sit down with loved ones. The next time you’re stressing about food, cooking, and company, take a moment to remember the joys of sharing a meal with one another.

Sharing A Meal Encourages Gratitude

With all the dishes laid out and all your favorite people sitting around the table, it’s hard not to notice and appreciate the bounty of food and love. When sitting down for a group meal, there is also an opportunity to say a prayer or give a toast, openly acknowledging the joy to be found in good food and good company.

Sharing A Meal Is A Chance To Connect

While social media and texting give us more ways to reach out, there’s no replacement for real-time conversation and bonding. Eating together is a means to socialize and enjoy others’ company, especially those we love and care about.

Sharing A Meal Lets You Create and Share Memories

Sharing a meal isn’t just means to fill your tummy, it’s a group activity and experience. Eating together is one of the ways you create memories together.  It’s also a time when we can tell stories from the past, sharing older memories with younger ones.

Sharing A Meal Lets You Put Aside Work and Stress

When you eat alone, you might be tempted to work through dinner or to multitask on your phone. But when you eat as a group, it’s much harder to pull out your laptop or device. Instead, you can take your mind off the day, relax, and be present with others. No agenda, no plans!

Sharing A Meal Is Good For You

Studies show that when families eat together, they also tend to eat healthier. The meal planning that into preparing a large group dinner is a chance to be more conscious and intentional about what goes on the table (and what goes in bellies). 

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