Rooted in traditional Toltec wisdom, The Four Agreements as taught by Don Miguel Ruiz offer steps toward personal freedom and a life of peace, grace, and unconditional love. The Toltec strived for mastery of awareness through personal discipline. The agreements are simple but profound; here is the essence of each of them:

1. Be Impeccable with your Word

There is great power in words, so you should strive to use them with care and integrity. Never gossip or cause harm to others or to yourself with the words you say. Share your truth as clearly as possible, strive to always speak from love, and you will be impeccable with your word.

2. Don’t Take Anything Personally

Know that everything others say is a projection of their own dream-state, the conditioning they have received throughout their lives. Get out of the habit of thinking that you are the main cause of these behaviors. For the most part, the opinions and actions of others are really not about you — they’re about the person making them.

3. Don’t Make Assumptions

Tying in with the second point above, never assume that you know the true nature of a situation or how it will unfold. Also, don’t assume that others know what you want. Ask questions and make clear communication a priority instead of making assumptions about any situation.

4. Always Do Your Best

Your “best” will fluctuate throughout your life, depending upon your age, experiences, level of knowledge and lessons learned. Your best will also change when you’re stressed as opposed to when you’re calm and relaxed. Set the resolve to do your best in light of the other three agreements, and you’ll know in every moment you’ve done all you could.

The Four Agreements advocate a life of personal power instead of fear. Make them a priority in your own life, and see what happens.

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