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It is a more common scene these days. A couple or couple of friends sit at a table in a restaurant, face to face, but don’t speak, don’t look into each other’s eyes – they are too absorbed in their mobile devices. How ironic that in a time when we are so very connected, we can be so disconnected.

This is not to say that technology is a bad thing. That conversation is over. Without it we would not have reconnected with our high school friends or be in contact with family members far away. Technology is great, but we have put it on a subconscious pedestal, giving it a higher place of importance than the people in our lives.

We tend virtual farms instead of enjoying the experience of digging in the soil, feeling the warmth of the sun on our skin, and witnessing the miracle of new life bursting from a tiny seed dropped in the dirt. We nurture virtual families instead of taking care of our own. Technology has connected us but we allowed it to drive a wedge between people we care about and love.

We aren’t talking anymore. Do we even remember how?

Do you use other features of your phone more than making a phone call? Our handheld devices are great (some of us are probably reading this article on one) , but just like anything else, when overused or misused, it can affect other aspects of our lives. Make a phone call the next time you are about to send a text. Better yet, have a face to face conversation. Go on a technology fast for a day or just few hours a day. Can you do it? 

Can you turn off your device and turn on a conversation?

Make technology rules for yourself, your family. Start small and enjoy the experiences. Ban mobile devices at the dinner table. Set aside a technology free hour each evening to talk to each other, play a board game, and connect in a real way.

It’s OK to put your phone away while you are meeting a friend for a drink. Are you up for the connection challenge?

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