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The COEXIST symbol draws upon peace as the central and uniting theme present in the world’s great spiritual traditions. Promoting harmony over discord, these seven symbols united into one reflect a much larger philosophy of human interconnectedness and respect.

Centered around a giant peace sign, the symbols are (artistic variations may occur between different representations):

C – The half-moon and star from Islam, symbolizing humanity and the universe.

O – The pagan pentacle, a five-point star representing connection with the elements.

E – The Hindu Om, representing the sound of life present throughout the universe.

X – The Star of David, symbolic of Jewish identity and spiritual strength.

I – The Humanist symbol of the individual indicating peace through self-knowledge.

S – The Yin Yang of Taoism, representing the balance that exists between all things.

T – The Cross of Christianity, symbolic of forgiveness and divine love.

United in art, these symbols echo the wisdom that resides beneath the various layers of different cultures, showing that without the borders we create, life can be lived in harmonious existence with one another.

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