“The Authentic Self is always present, and it is only our attachments that keep us from remembering who we really are…

“When we were born, our parents lifted us up and held us in their arms. They envisioned endless possibilities for us in their love for us. They saw the unlimited potential of our Authentic Self – the life force that could take any action in any direction that would lead to those possibilities.” – The Five Levels of Attachment

Before we knew how to speak, before we even had a name, we had a self. This origin exists beneath everything we are, even in this present moment. And this memory is what can help us awaken our true potential, any time we choose to.

We come from lovecompassion and peace are unique factors in the equation of our existence. The same love that carries us into this world remains within us, and when searching for identity it is this love that we return to.

We come from a cycle of beginningour birth is one beginning, our search for identity is another. When we see our journey as circular, we see that the future is just one more beginning in a cycle that started long before we knew of it!

We can go in any direction when we were small, the people who loved us imagined great things for our lives. We can reignite this sense of hopefulness by realizing that the Authentic Self does not change with time – underneath all of life’s expectations there is a true direction waiting to emerge.

We just have to relax, remove distractions, and listen to the love and possibility welling within us.