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Many people have experienced a nearly instantaneous shift in moods. One minute you’re feeling good, then someone says something to you and suddenly you’re taken over by anger or sadness. You don’t feel in control and just have to let the emotion run its course. This is a natural process, but you can learn to step into a space where you can observe the emotion and not just react. This is your Watcher state and everyone has one. Here is how to tap into your Watcher and be less controlled by these sudden emotions.

Stepping Into Your Watcher

The Watcher is in your higher consciousness where it can observe but not be affect by emotional or physical changes. When in that space, you can watch yourself experiencing an emotion but not be controlled by it. It is a space of curiosity and non-judgment. To get there, you need to practice “rising above yourself.”

  1. Find a quiet place in which to sit for a few minutes.
  2. Take a few deep breaths to relax.
  3. Imagine the top of your head opening and allow yourself to float up and out of your body.
  4. Rise above your body just a couple of feet so you can look down on yourself.
  5. Instead of floating, some people visualize an elevator or escalator taking them above their body.
  6. Once above your body looking down on yourself, ask yourself some questions such as:
  • What is my body feeling now?
  • What is the emotional state of my body?

In this Watcher state, be curious but don’t judge yourself for how your body is feeling.

Once you’re comfortable getting yourself into the Watcher state, try it while under the influence of a mild emotion:

  1. Find a way to trigger an emotion such as reading a news item that makes you feel anger or watching a video that makes you feel sad.
  2. The moment you feel the emotion rising up in you, send yourself up into your Watcher state looking down at you.
  3. Calmly observe yourself for a moment then ask the following questions:
  • What is my body feeling now?
  • What is the emotional state of my body?
  • What is it in me that brought on this emotion in response to reading/watching what I did?

This will give you insight into the origins of the emotion and why it was triggered by your action.

Integrating Your Watcher

The more proficient you become at stepping into your Watcher, the more often you’ll be able to be in that state should an intense emotion get triggered. As soon as you feel yourself triggered by something, let yourself go into the Watcher state. When you’re in that state, you won’t be controlled by the emotion. You’ll be able to observe yourself with the emotion and be curious about all of the experiences in your life that caused you to react that way.

This will give you insight into how you might work on those past experiences so you’ll no longer be quick to feel these intense emotions.

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