Shamans and various spiritual disciplines believe that everything has a level of consciousness. It will manifest itself in different ways depending on the object. Here is how you can tap into the consciousness of common items that are around you all of the time.

How Can a Rock Be Conscious?

Next to a rock, you appear to be a very complex organism. But when you break everything down, it starts with the atom (and the components that make up an atom). Atoms combine to create molecules. Molecules then combine to form other structures. In a human it is the cells that are made of molecules. In a rock, molecules form different minerals, such as iron or quartz.

One definition of consciousness requires neurons, the elementary cells of a nervous system. This applies to living organisms. But spiritual consciousness is something believed to be inherent in all molecular-based forms. The rock has this level of consciousness as well as your houseplants.

Tapping Into Another Consciousness

This exercise will demonstrate connecting with the consciousness of one of your houseplants. Once you’ve mastered this, try connecting with other objects. Understand that consciousness behaves differently in vastly different objects.

The energy in a rock is very dense, heavy and slow. You may feel sluggish and need to sit with the rock for several minutes before you get a sense of what its consciousness is doing. Water is full or light, fast energy that will feel rushed and chaotic to you. When connecting with water, you’ll get a lot of information quickly that you’ll have to sort through. Try connecting with different objects to experience their level and speed of consciousness.

A Houseplant Connection

Pick a houseplant with which you want to do this exercise.

  1. Move a comfortable chair close to the plant.
  2. Sit quietly and take a few deep breaths as you relax.
  3. Look at the plant and get familiar with its surroundings.
  4. Get a sense of where the light is hitting it, if there is a breeze from a fan or vent blowing on it, and when you last watered the plant.
  5. Now visualize the energy from your aura reaching out to the plant’s aura.
  6. Gently caress the plant’s aura with your own and wait for a response that tells you the plant is aware that you are there.
  7. Now visualize yourself taking an energetic step out of your aura into the plant’s aura.
  8. Sit for a few moments as you acclimate yourself to this experience. It will feel peculiar to you because the plant senses its surroundings differently than you.
  9. Once you have settled into the plant’s consciousness, get a sense of its experience of temperature, moisture, sunlight, wind and other environmental factors.
  10. Ask what the plant is in need of and wait for an answer. The answer will not come in words, but more likely as images or a sensation. For example, you may get the sensation of dryness which could mean that the plant needs to be watered.
  11. When you’re done connecting with the plant, thank it for the experience then detach your aura from the plant’s aura.

This is a useful exercise when diagnosing a plant’s illness. You may get an awareness of something the plant is lacking or of a microbial invader that the plant is unable to fight off.

Try connecting with the consciousness of various items in your house. You’ll be surprised how alive even the inanimate objects feel from this experience.