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Once-a-month subscriptions for coffee, wine, beauty products, and other goodies are more popular than ever. Who wouldn’t want to receive a sample of their favorite thing every month?

So why not create your own once-a-month club for experiences? Instead of trying a new product every month, try out a new activity or outing.  

Here’s how it works.

Gather a group of friends. Once every month, find a time to get everyone together and do something none (or most) of you haven’t done before. Archery, camping, a musical festival, fishing, ice-skating – the sky is the limit! Sign up for a group class, attend an event, or check out a local attraction.

Planning something for just once a month is consistent and yet totally doable for most people’s schedules. To make sure everyone has a turn at planning an activity, assign each person a specific month.


Create A Shared Calendar

Details around logistics can get lost in a group text. A shared calendar for the group means there’s no confusion about date, times, or meeting points.

Keep Budget In Mind

Remember, new and interesting activities don’t have to deplete your bank account. Local festivals, free state parks, and DIY activities at home are budget-friendly options.

Don’t Force Anyone

For any given activity, some people might be more willing to give it a go than others.  But if someone is really reluctant to do something, don’t force them (for example, your friend who is deathly afraid of heights might not want to do indoor rock-climbing, and that’s okay).

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