Stand Tall: Lessons from Giraffes

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With their long lanky necks, giraffes sometimes look so fantastical as to seem unreal! But real they are! Not only are giraffes a delight to look at, they also boast some unique characteristics. The giraffe could teach us a thing or two about how to live. Here are a few lessons you can learn from some of the most unique looking mammals in the animal kingdom.

Use Your Best Assets 

With long legs and necks, giraffes are easily the tallest mammals on earth, some growing as tall as 18 feet!  But giraffes definitely take advantage of their stature. They get all their food from the tops of trees, grabbing at leaves with their long slimy tongues. In short, traits that look at little strange may actually be your best assets. Use them to your advantage!

Fuel Up

The giraffe is constantly eating! As herbivores, all their food consists of plants. Some giraffes eat up to 75 pounds a day! Like the giraffe, feel free to splurge on lots of healthy plants and greens. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Look Silly

Giraffes necks are so long, they can’t easily reach drinking pools on the ground. They have to spread their front legs so as to lower themselves down. The position is…well…a bit awkward. But the giraffe knows it needs to hydrate every now and then. Don’t be afraid of how you look when it comes to getting what you want or need!

Be Unique

The big beautiful spots on giraffes are like a tiger’s stripes. Each one is a little different. While scientists have noticed that giraffes from similar areas tend to have similar-looking patterns, no two giraffes’ markings are exactly alike. Be like the giraffe, be unique!

Make Friends

Giraffes are social animals, traveling in herds that range anywhere between 3 to 15 members. But giraffes don’t just hang with their own kind. They’ve also been spotted with little birds on their backs. These birds, known as tick birds, eat pesky parasitic bugs that live in the giraffe’s fur. An added perk is that the birds chirp when they spot enemies, acting as a warning for the giraffe. So go ahead, make friends! You’ll help each other out in more ways than one.

Stretch Your Legs

The giraffe spends much of its time browsing and roaming for food. Though they mostly walk, giraffes can run up to 35 mph and 10 mph at a more leisurely place. Get out every now and then. Roam or run. It doesn’t matter! So long as you stretch your legs.

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