Spirituality in Modern Life

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Spirituality exists in many forms. For some, being spiritualis synonymous with rituals and traditions. For others, spirituality exists insimple awareness of the present moment, or through specific practices likecompassion and meditation.

Here are a few ways in which spirituality touches our modernlives, without necessarily relating to world religions:

Yoga and Meditationfor Spirituality
In its simplest and purest form, yoga is about quieting themind. This can happen through the practice of yoga poses or while seated foryoga or meditation. When the mind becomes quiet and still, our awareness movesinward. In this state of self-absorption, we become more aware of our humanspirit. Many people find that yoga or meditation classes are one of the easiestways to begin a spiritual practice.

Getting in Touch WithNature
Experiences with nature can also serve to enhance ourspiritual side. Similar to meditation, getting away from the fast pace of dailyactivities and distractions can serve to calm the mind. In a natural setting,we often become more aware of our environment and feel a connection toeverything around us, whether it is plant or animal life or everything we see.You may be able to find a spiritual connection with nature during a quiet walkin the woods near your home. For some people, a week-long hiking trip or remotemountain vacation better fills this need.

Spiritual ExpressionThrough Art
Any true artistic endeavor, whether it is painting, dance ormusical performance, has a deeply personal component. The successful artist hasfound a connection with the spiritual part of their being and is expressing itthrough their art. We do not have to be professional artists to have thisexperience. It is the act of becoming absorbed in the artistic process thatallows this to occur. Many artists cannot describe how they create, other thanto say they serve as a conduit for some other presence or force. Some would saythey have found their own inner spirit.

Spirituality andHuman Connections
For many, getting spiritual is a matter of connecting withthe people who surround us every day of our lives. This can be formal, as ameditation group, or it could mean a more casual involvement such as simplecharitable organizations who share food, clothing or other resources. For many,the act of giving their time, energy or spare resources can be a valuable wayof reaching inwards and activating the core human quality of love andunderstanding.

Spirituality can be found through exploring our innerselves, looking for connections with the natural world or by losing ourselvesin self-expression. There are many paths to becoming a more spiritual person;they all start with small, simple steps.


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