Spiritual Transformation – 7 Reflections

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Moments of change can be overwhelming – yet beneath the commotion of new beginnings, there is peace to be found in knowing that transformation is a natural and beautiful part of existence. Here are a few thoughts from several spiritual traditions on how to look beyond short-term uncertainty and embrace the deep spiritual evolution taking shape within us each moment.

Go slowly and take each thought individually – thinking about how these words might relate to your unique experiences as you begin a new part of life.

  1. Whether we know it or not, every individual is evolving. From the outside it might appear that we are not moving, but something in us is awake. That something will eventually lead us back to the truth of our real nature. – Rumi, Sufism
  2. With the sound of water falling into a stone bowl, suddenly the dust of your mind has been washed away. – Sen-No Rikyu, Buddhism
  3. At last I see to the depths of an ocean without water. No obstacles anywhere. It is all around me. – Joho, Buddhism
  4. Perceive what is in front of your face, and that which is concealed from you will be revealed. – The Gospels, Christianity
  5. Don’t bother analyzing yourself. Just see who you really are. – Yogaswami, Hinduism
  6. Look within your own heart for what you seek. – Kabir, Sufism
  7. That which you are looking for, is what is looking. – Francis of Assisi, Catholic

We are all of us growing, minute-by-minute, sunrise-by-sunrise, and this day, although it may feel like any other, is one more step upwards in the path we are trying to follow. 

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