Spiritual Inspiration – Why Love Exists, Why Love Heals, & Why Love Matters

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Love is called the universal language because it requires no words – only an openness of spirit and a receptiveness of heart. While it may sometimes seem that our world is fractured and divided, the truth is that many great spiritual traditions recognize love as the bond that ties all life – and this philosophy is found consistently in the teachings of diverse spiritual leaders.

From Buddha to the British poet William Blake, here are seven enlightening quotes on the power of love to transform our existence.

1. The Buddha – Hate cannot be conquered by hate. Hate can only be conquered by love. This is eternal law. Many do not know how we come to be here in this existence, but those who do, cease quarreling immediately. 

2. Rumi (Sufism) – If you wish to become a pilgrim treading the path of love, you must first find great humility and become nothing more than dust and ashes. 

3. Rabnidranath Tagore (Hindusm) – Love is a reality, and it is not a mere emotion. It is the great Truth that lies behind all of creation. 

4. Lao Tzu (Taoism) – One who loves all the world as if it were his own flesh and blood, can be relied on to rule an empire. 

5. Marguerite Porete (Catholicism) – If you wish to know who I belong to, I belong to love. She embraces me so completely that I can do nothing except through her. 

6. Tenzin Gyatso (The 14th Dalai Lama) – My religion is simple and has no need for temples or philosophy, other than the philosophy of love. No matter what a person’s religious beliefs or lack of, there is no one who is not grateful for kindness and compassion. Dalai Lama

7. William Blake (poet) – Love does not ask anything for itself. Nor does it seek to protect itself from that which is difficult. Rather, it seeks to construct heaven within one’s heart. 

Love is kindness in its purest form. In the face of our differences, love is the single force that can still hold us to one another, as humanity is meant to be.

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